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Information on New HD Video Glasses

Do you know what video glasses actually are? These are new gadget, which offers virtual reality effect in your video games. Game consoles such as PSP, PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and others, any device can be connected to video glasses which has AV output, some video glasses are created just for PC gaming, such video glasses are Vuzix VR920, these glasses are designed for PC gaming and offer 3d effect and motion sensor controlling in your game, That means when you turn your head in "real" you will change your view in your game. Other video glasses don't offer such option. Most of video glasses in our store can be connected to your iPod, iPod touch, video iPod, iPhone and some other cell phones. When you buy one video glasses for example Myvu Crystal you will be able to use it with many devices including your DVD player or even TV, you can watch any movies privately... Video glasses are truly revolutionary gadget which gives you large screen, virtual reality effect in gaming and movie watching.
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The Best of Video Glasses


   Vuzix Wrap 310XL            Vuzix® Wrap™ 920

Vuzix Wrap 310XL
by Vuzix Corp.

Best Price $159.99


Vuzix Wrap 920
by Vuzix Corp.

Best Price $210.00

   iTVGoggles ITG                     iTV Goggles

iTV Goggles ITG
by iTVGoggles

Out of Stock


iTV Goggles with 62" Wideview Screen
by iTVGoggles
Best Price $269.00

    Myvu Crystal                   Myvu Shades     

Myvu Crystal
by Myvu
Best Price $245.00


Myvu Shades
by Myvu
Best Price $229.99

Video Glasses Reviews


"I have used wrap 920 for a while now, and I absolutely love it! its so comfortable to watch movies laying down, and besides theres no distractions. The clarity is great and the sound is perfect. "     by: John S. CEO

Wrap™ Video Eyewear - Model Comparison Chart

Compatible with* Wrap 310XL Wrap 920
iPod, iPod touch, iPad & iPhone (including iPhone 4) Yes Yes
Portable DVD players Yes Yes
Cellular phones with video-out Yes Yes
All composite video devices Yes Yes
Digital cameras Yes Yes
Camcorders Yes Yes
PC and Laptops** with Wrap VGA Adapter No Yes
* May require optional adaptor cable
** See product specifications for OS and display resolution requirements
Displays & Video Formats Wrap 310XL Wrap 920
Display resolution 428 x 240 640 x 480
Virtual screen size from 10 feet (3m) 55 in 67 in
Diagonal field of view (degrees) 26 31
Progressive scan update rate 60Hz 60Hz
Color depth 24-bit 24-bit
4:3 aspect ratio Yes Yes
16:9 aspect ratio (native) Yes No
16:9 aspect ratio (resized) Yes Yes
Zoom mode Yes No
NTSC and PAL compatible Yes Yes
Adjustable brightness Yes Yes
Adjustable contrast Yes Yes
Adjustable hue No Yes
Adjustable color saturation No Yes
On Screen display adjustment Yes Yes
Supports 2D video Yes Yes
Supports 3D video Yes Yes
Ultra-low video distortion Yes Yes

3D Video Formats Wrap 310XL Wrap 920
Side by Side Yes Yes
Red/Green anaglyph No Yes
Red/Blue anaglyph No Yes
Blue/Amber anaglyph No Yes
Straight & Cross view Yes Yes
Vuzix 3D Watermark support Yes Yes

Features Wrap 310XL Wrap 920
Alkaline batteries included 1, AA 2, AA
Alkaline battery life (hours) 4 6
Lithium battery life (hours) 10 16
Vuzix Wrap Multi-connect compatible No Yes
Vuzix Wrap Mini-port equipped No Yes
Wearable over prescription eyeglasses Yes Yes
Adjustable nosepiece Yes Yes
Ultra-thin cabling Yes Yes
Focal adjustment (diopters) +2 to -5 +2 to -5
Weight (ounces/grams) < 3oz / 85gr < 3oz / 85gr
Soft carry pouch included Yes Yes
Removable earphones Yes Yes
Noise isolating earphones included Yes Yes
Includes 3 sizes of noise isolator inserts Yes Yes
Composite AV cable (RCA) included Yes Yes
iPod/iPhone/iPad composite cable included* Yes Yes
Changeable Fashion Shades (lens) compatible Yes Yes